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ZKTeco continuously explores ways to improve our products and solutions to help businesses operate more efficiently and securely, and to make our planet safer and better for everyone. We value every customer. Our motto - “Responsibility, Integrity, Pragmatism, and Excellence” is evident in everything we do.

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Mysolutions was established in May of 2003 with the aim of aiding companies eliminate tedious work and human error in the computation of employees' attendance. Mysolutions has employed group of experienced consultants, analysts, programmers and testers forming a formidable R&D team to work on developing a simple yet powerful and flexiable software that would fit the complicated methods of computing attendance here in the Philippines. In Early 2005, the extensive research and development Mysolutions' R&D team finally resulted to Touchlink Time & Attendance software.

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To make our clients become more secure, productive and cost-efficient through cutting-edge technologies and competent solutions provided by our company.

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