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Biometric Attendance


Multi-Function Face Identification

Product Type

Biometric Attendance



Main Features

Touchscreen display
1,200 face templates
10,000 card templates
100,000 transaction logs
Network/USB download / Wi-Fi
Simple Door Access Control function

VF700 is a face identification time and attendance and access control terminal, which can connect with thrid party electric lock, door sensor, and exit button, etc. It can hold 500 face templatees without dividing into groups. Ite ensures a smooth connection and data transfer. Amazing verification speed and intuitive operation process make it popular!


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Display 3 inch touchscreen
Face Capacity 1500 (1:N)
ID Card Capacity 800
Logs Capacity 100,000
Communication  Wifi, ethernet, USB 
Standard Functions

Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB (host and client) ID Card, Automatic Status 

Switch, Self-service Query, Work Code, T9 Input,9 Digit User ID, DST, 

Scheduled-bell,Short Message, 3rd Party electric lock, door sensor, and

exit button

Optional Functions MiFare Card
Power Supply 12V/1.5A
Operating Temperature 0°C- 45°C
Operating Humidity 20%-80%
Dimensions (L x H x W) 104.70 x 160.00 x 36.00 mm

1 x VF700 Biometric Unit

1 x 8GB USB flash drive

1 x TouchLink Time Recorder Software version 3

1 x Proximity Card

1 x Brace Plate

1 x Power Adaptor

1 x TCP/IP Cable

1 x User Manual



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